TtTThe Train the Trainers program provides participants with an in-depth journey into Social Artistry™ while unfolding the inside story of how it is created and applied in a diversity of settings and forums around the world. This is interwoven with daily small group practitioner sessions that offer immediate connection between concept and application, and challenges participants to take their learning live by practicing and honing their skills and knowledge. Expect to be inspired, evoked, stretched and blown wide open during your days of intense learning and practice.



An in-depth understanding of core Social Artistry™ principles and their application to varied training settings and audience needs.

  • How to adapt Social Artistry™ training to culture specific frameworks.
  • How to work with a “full spectrum” model for sustainable change.
  • How to create environments for accelerated learning and to work with multiple learning modalities.
  • How new science supports the human capacity work of Social Artistry™.
  • How the social artist evokes a new story and helps others use that new story as the foundation for sustainable action.

Skills Development:

  • Create, gather and sustain teaching/learning communities.
  • Practice compassionate listening.
  • Develop conscious aliveness skills that increase presence, resiliency and stability in the world.
  • Learn effective facilitation skills.
  • Learn processes for leading groups from vision to action.
  • Practice working with “trim tabs”.
  • Develop speaking skills and natural presence with a group.
  • Learn to lead guided imagery and group processes.
  • Practice effective use of story.

The program brings together a group of world movers with diverse life skills and experience, to create a teaching/learning community that will extend beyond your days together. You will have the opportunity to build a network of allies on your Social Artistry™ journey, meeting and co-creating with individuals who share a vision for the future of our planet.

Fieldwork Application:
During the program, you’ll begin creating a development plan for extending your knowledge and skills beyond the training, and taking them into local application. Group leaders will assist you in bridging the deep learning of the Train the Trainer’s program to the fieldwork that it will sustain and grow.

The learning continues after our program. You’ll be able to share ideas by tapping into:

Our electronic learning network.
Our monthly conference calls.
Optional coaching services.


quotesThe Trainers Training Program attracts an incredible array of smart, compassionate enabling people.”
–Steven Freund, MFT

“For anyone already training / working with people this course presents copious exercises and approaches to weave into existing training.”
–Sophia Bowie-McCoy, Ph.D., Writer & Community Organizer

“I was impacted most by the inclusion of encouragement from a Buddhist Abbess to develop a strong meditation practice as part of our everyday life. The Abbess was a special addition to this training. During this past year I have deepened an almost daily meditative practice and it has strengthened my mindfulness and presence along with enhancing the work I do in the world. For me, it was a critical part of Train the Trainers for Social Artistry™ process.” –JoAnn Cannon, Dr.P.H., D. Min.

“Social Artistry™ has provided me with a wonderful, adaptive toolset that brings richness and fullness to any creative intention. I’ve applied this toolset in many areas, especially in my work with children, finding that when I intentionally communicate on the four levels of the physical, the psychological, the mythological, and the spiritual, both my efforts and the perceptions of others are greatly enhanced.”
–Mary Beth Watt