Social Artistry™ is an emerging discipline in leadership development as well as a new profession whose craft is conscious evolution. This 2-day training is an introduction to Social Artistry™ for those who have not done any Social Artistry™ training. If you desire to expand yourself individually and professionally, register for this program now. Check with the Foundation office about the availability of this program in your area. This training also is included as part of the Social Artistry™ Summer Leadership Institute.


This 2-day training is a solid introduction to Social Artistry™. You will engage in and learn to employ all manner of latent human capacities—sensory and physical, psychological and relational, mythic and symbolic, and spiritual and integral. You can expect that these processes will expand your inner and outer ways of being, that you will become more creative, more imaginative, and more finely equipped to deal with the many challenges of life.


If you wonder what potential capacities have never been developed within yourself, if you have been hearing about Social Artistry™ but don’t know what it could do for you, if you want to become more than what you have thought possible, then this program is for you. If you would like to enable yourself and others in your community to expand yourselves as individuals and enlarge the scope of your work in the world, then this program is for you. Contact our office today by email or phone (541) 482-4240 to explore with our staff the opportunities available to you for this training.


quotesI experienced a safe environment in which I went to a depth of being that revealed inner tools that I had not known were available. It resulted in a new boldness in my work that moved me forward farther than I could have imagined.” – Christine Prokopiak, Kaizen Health Coach “The training was so powerful as I found myself going between a deep place in myself and the purpose in the world that I want to realize. I have now taken the action that I had feared to take.“ – Patty Farrell “What I learned inspired me to share with others how Social Artistry™ projects are improving society as a whole around the world” – Mary Alice Arre