Annual Social Artistry Summit

SummitImagePresentations, Explorations, Adventures, and Great Questions

The field of Social Artistry, created by Jean Houston, continues to expand in exciting directions, deepening its roots in different GlobalVillageparts of the United States, and other countries such as Nepal, Bangladesh, Zambia, Argentina, China, and Aruba, adding richness to a variety of professions, including education, sustainability and perma-culture, and the use of the arts as a way to build communities.

During the annual Summit program, social artists come from all over to share their work, their ideas, and their burning questions with each other.  There are portions of the program for sessions to discuss what is next and what is needed in supporting this important work.  Participants bring their talents to celebrate with performances of music, dance, storytelling, poetry reading, and jokes.

The Summit meets in Ashland, OR in late summer.