AdvAs a practitioner you may wish to take this training to deepen your capacities in order to apply them to your work. If you want to follow the path of training trainers, then this course is essential. You must have had an Introduction to Social Artistry™ to be eligible for this training.


This 3-day training provides an in-depth experience of the Social Artistry™ core curriculum. You will not only develop further the four levels of human and social development, you will acquire examples and strategies to take this work into all levels of society and diverse fields of endeavor. As you develop more of your human capacity you will amplify and deepen your aptitudes and gifts that currently lie dormant. You can also expect to come away with clarity of purpose, increased passion for your work in the world, and new tools for creating innovative solutions to critical issues.


It is for those who want to prepare to be trainers of leaders or practitioners who intend to work with Social Artistry™ in a wide variety of settings such as education, business, health care, politics, and community projects. If you have the desire to equip leaders with skills and cross-cultural capacities to contribute to social justice, equity and peace, this training is for you. If you are a practitioner who wants to develop your human capacities and leadership skills to set up and manage Social Artistry™ projects, this training is for you.

Contact our office today by email or phone (541) 482-4240 to explore with our staff the opportunities available to you for this training.


quotesAs a result of this experience I now know directly that I have the capacity, the tools and the skills to manifest what before I thought was impossible in my work and in my ways of being with others in the world.”
– Joanne Brunn, Ph.D., Business Consultant

“Social Artistry™ stands out from other leadership programs I have taken. There is an emphasis on imagination and creativity that made a powerful difference in my ability to release old ways of being and doing in the world.”
– Sandie Davis, Vision Mapping Program Designer

“What I tapped into in this course work is an inner strength that shows up in my commitment and courage to my leadership role.”
– Joan Holley, Manager, Holley Realty, LLC

“It was an added bonus to stay connected with many of the people who went through this training with me. We continue to encourage each other and the inner and outer development keeps flowing.”
– Dick Dalton, Health and Wellness Trainer