At the heart of the work of Social Artistry™ is partnering with organizations that share similar visions and goals. In partnership, the difference we are able to make is multiplied in ways we could never accomplish alone.

If your organization recognizes in our Foundation’s Social Artistry™ work a common purpose, vision, or goal, then we invite you to explore with us what we can accomplish together. Email:

Following are examples of work with our partners:


In our goal to reach 100 million people with innovative leadership training we partner with the UN on specific issued-based challenges utilizing the skill sets developed within the programs to create comprehensive, enduring and whole-systems changes.

During 2002-05 work was launched in developing countries with the International Institute of Social Artistry™ (IISA) in collaboration with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). These trainings produced innovative leadership to address the United National Millennium Development Goals in the following countries:

7-day training for 90 leaders

Eastern Caribbean (Barbados, St. Lucia)
One 7-day training and one 2-day session for senior officials of UN agencies in the Eastern Caribbean

3-day workshop for 90 leaders from Uganda, Tanzania and Kenya. Kenya hosted a sub-regional workshop with over 80 participants from Kenya representing the 5 sectors

3-phase pilot training project held in April and July 2005. The 5-year follow-up phase launched as a result of the workshops.

Training was held for 60 national leaders working throughout Nepal. This resulted in Social Artistry™ practices being incorporated into the ongoing community development work of the Institute of Cultural Affairs in Nepal.


The human capacities approach used by the Jean Houston Foundation works well with the Institute for Cultural Affairs approach that focuses on the external dimensions of community development. Current work with ICA Nepal is a good example.

In July 2008 a 10-day training was conducted in Kathmandu for 30 trainers from Nepal, Bangladesh, and India. This was a pilot of our leadership training in an international setting and a continuation of the development of the 30 trainers, who were already employing the Social Artistry™ approach in their community work across their countries. This work interweaves with the ICA presence there.  The ICA Nepal center in Kathmandu is becoming a Social Artistry™ training center for Asia as more work is done in India, Bangladesh, Tibet, Taiwan, and China. They have an initiative to train 5,000 people in the next 2 years.

un_habitatUN HABITAT and CITYNET

Social Artistry™ trainers worked with Red Cross, UN HABITAT and CITYNET colleagues in Nepal to train leaders from 12 Asian nations, including Sri Lanka, India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Afghanistan, Laos, Cambodia, Indonesian, Viet Nam and the Philippines, which has resulted in an effective network with mayors and regional directors.


In August 2008 the Jean Houston Foundation joined with Lead Africa (African governance consulting firm) in Tanzania to deliver Social Artistry™ and rights-based advocacy training to 25 governance participants, most of whom are district mayors or chairmen. The leaders were from Uganda, Burundi, Rwanda, Kenya and Tanzania. This stimulated requests for more extensive work in these countries. Following this training, there was a 2-day training and planning meeting in Kenya for the continued development of Social Artistry™ and governance work in this part of Africa.


A Masters in Leadership in Social Artistry™ (MLSA) was developed by Dr. Houston, her associates IISA, and delivered through the Graduate Theological Foundation in Mishawaka, Indiana and ended in 2008. It has become a model for academic training in Social Artistry™ for other educational institutions.

Programs generated by participants in MLSA are a testimony to the effective application of Social Artistry™ in many fields:

  • Networks: From the World-Wide Web to Inner-City Cincinnati
  • Teaching Learning Communities
  • The Elephant’s Child, a Teaching-Tale Manual for Families
  • Making a Difference for Young World Leaders
  • Bringing Social Artistry™ to Life in Australia: “Dreaming the New Stories”
  • Uplifting Humanity by Uplifting Beliefs Through Spiritual Activism
  • Kids4Earth Online Environmental Course
  • The Relationship Between The Social Artist and the Transformational Leadership Coach
  • Localizing the Millenium Development Goals on Water and Sanitation in Urban Communities in Phnom Penh, Cambodia Through Social Artistry™
  • A Social Artistry™ Curriculum for Rwanda.