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Name: Dr. Jean Houston, Peggy Rubin & Renowned Leaders In Social Transformation
Re: IMPORTANT: You Are Invited to Become a "Game Changer" Social Artist In Your Community With Your Skill Set!

Starting Today, You Will Discover the Nature of Game Changers and Social Artistry as a Game-Changing Leadership Model for Today’s World!

On this incredible Journey of Becoming, you will receive timely instruction in "game changer" skill-building to help you...

1) Envision a future that works for everyone.
2) Clear anything that is keeping you from stepping toward your vision (self-clearing & self-potentiating).
3) Plant seeds for that future with intention, desire and expectation.
4) Take the steps for what you can do to bring that world into possibility.

Allow me to introduce myself and my teaching partner Peggy Rubin. My name is Jean Houston. You'll hear more about me in a moment.

Since 1987, Margaret Nash (Peggy) Rubin has been my principal teaching associate as well as a member of the core faculty of the School for Social Artistry, an intensive leadership training program. Before joining my staff, Peggy was for 14 years the Public Information and Education Director for the Oregon Shakespeare Festival (OSF), one of the largest and longest-running repertory companies in the U.S.

I am happy that Jean and Peggy presented this revolutionary training - the creme de la creme of their wisdom and experience. It is a Game Changer for so many.

-Elizabeth Austin, Certified Professional CoActive Coach

Perhaps you have heard of us or even studied with one or both of us in the past. Perhaps not. Please take a few minutes to read over this page. You will find videos of an Interview I did with Oprah and a recent Interview I did with Phil Johncock, an old friend and our newest member of the Jean Houston Foundation family. If you are new to my work, I invite you to watch one or more of the videos to learn more about me and my work.

If you are familiar with my work or want to go directly to information about this unique Self-Study Course, please scroll down to the section where we introduce the cutting-edge CD set, study guide and new course.

When you finish, I hope you will decide to bring home this easy-to-use self-study course featuring Peggy, myself, special guests and "game changers."

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If You're New To My Work, Check Out This Interview First With Oprah

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SO Many Problems, ill-Equipped Leaders & Pressures!
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THIS Is The Greatest CHANGE In Human History...


We are in the midst of the greatest change in human history. It is the changing the Game at every level: climate, immigration, governance, ecology, food, education, finance, industry, media, technology, relationship between cultures, patterns of inequality. All previous agreed upon rules, challenges, interactivity are up for grabs and few have been trained to deal with so total a game change on every level. We’re in the midst of the biggest game of all, having to do with world shift.

History is blighted with the landscape of cultures that tumbled backwards when the time for change was ripe, but the players were not ready or failed to respond. The game was lost. This game, however, is one we cannot afford to lose. The Earth’s 13.7 billion-year-old experiment that has resulted in your life is at risk.

Thus, our opportunity is huge. Surely, you have felt it. You may have even felt yourself yearning to see and be seen as a player in this new game, both changing the old game and being part of the emergence of the new one. Your contribution, great or small, can make the difference as to whether we evolve or perish.

Be Part of History! Experience The GAME CHANGER Self-Study Course:

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The Old Game Is Receding. The New Game Is Emerging.

We’ve been in a way of being for hundreds if not thousands of years. The old game is receding, and a new game of life is emerging, one that compels vision, skill, creativity, courage and collaboration.

It requires active Gamer Changers, people who know themselves as “works in progress,” who have developed the physical, mental, and spiritual potentials needed in this time of radical challenge and transition. We call them SOCIAL ARTISTS.


When the 8.1 Magnitude Earthquake Hit Nepal in April 2015,
Nearly 9,000 people Were Killed and 22,000 Injured.
It Was the Network of SOCIAL ARTISTS That Mobilized Quickly...




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This Breakthrough Self-Study Course Is Tough and Tender, Heroic and Hilarious, Mythic and Mysterious. Listen in! Play the Game with Us!

You'll Discover Cutting-Edge Power & Principles of EMERGENCE

One of the unique features of this cutting-edge CD and course is the power of Emergence and principles of Emergence in chemistry, biology, history, quantum theory, and cosmology.

  • What do you mean by the Power of Emergence?
  • Why is it important to learn principles of Emergence?

<<< Click “Play” for my answers

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You, Too, Can Start Learning From Accomplished Social Artists

In this revolutionary self-study course, you will study with esteemed and practiced Game Changers, women and men with years of accomplishments as Social Artists actively transforming communities and cultures, solving problems at mega and micro levels, understanding and working with complexity, and bringing a new story into all aspects of society and institutions, as well as to people of all ages and conditions.

Joining me as principal teacher in this training are superb Game Changers, like Peggy Rubin, Duane Elgin, Ozioma Egwuonwu, Alexander Schieffer, Dr. Rama Mani, Donnie Maclurcan and many more. I was privileged to call this magnificent group together for the "last ever" Social Artistry Leadership Institute that to which you now have lifetime access here.

Putting all the ideas I learned in the Social Artistry training has enabled me and my fellow Bumi Bwesu Youth Centre Staff to help people who come to our Centre, and the community at large. Even my neighbors have benefited as I encouraged them to use some ideas to overcome obstacles. What a fruitful training it was.

--Grandwell Chilunka, Director of Bumi Bwesu Youth Centre, Zambia

What You Can EXPECT Is...

At the end of the training, if you take this work seriously, you will have discovered capacities for leadership that give you your rightful place and power in the turning of the times. You will be a vital part of a dynamic, ongoing community. You, too, will be a Social Artist with skills to meet the challenges of society in transition. You, too, will be a Game Changer!

Social Artistry is a living force in all our lives as we embody its teachings. It catapulted me into leading the transformation of my small South Georgia community. That led to creating a Building Creative Communities Conference where other community leaders came to learn. We recently celebrated its 10th anniversary and the joy of sustainability and a new level of leadership.

-Joy Jinks, Community Leader, Colquitt, GA


Joy Jinks, Social Artist, Tells How Swamp Gravy Came to Be in the Little Town of Colquitt, GA. Swamp Gravy is Now a National Model for Community and Economic Development through the Arts, Heritage and Culture.


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In This Breakthrough "Game Changers" Course, You Will...
1. Expand Your Social Artistry Skills & Create Your Own Tool Kit. Feel more confident in tapping your inner crew on a daily basis to be more creative and successful in any endeavor.

2. Learn Unitive, Social Artistry Songs to Deepen Your Practice. Have fun and be empowered to introduce singing into your Social Artistry. Discover the magic of music and lyrics that deepen learning potential.

3. Learn Popular Social Artistry Dances With Step-By-Step Instructions (i.e., Funga Alafia, Electric Slide, Step By Step, Enas Mythos). Learn the power of dances to solidify and unite groups.

4. Study Consciousness In Depth With The Master: Dr. Jean Houston. As Margaret Mead once said, “Jean Houston is the great producer of events and new possibilities as she orchestrates the voices of the new consciousness.” Don’t miss this opportunity to simplify your understanding of “consciousness” with one of the best in the business! Explore how your nerve cells conjure up the kaleidoscope of sensations, thoughts, memories and emotions that occupy every waking moment.

5. Explore Lives of Game Changers Like Hildegard Von Bingen and Leonardo Da Vinci. By learning about great game changers, you’ll feel inspired and gain valuable tips on your path towards being a great game changer, too. Hear directly from the grandson of Mahatma Gandhi about his grandfather, a great game changer.

6. Discover Cutting-Edge Brain Research. You’ll be on the cutting-edge by learning new discoveries like “eye yoga” that have been made in the last few years that haven’t even been published, yet.

7. Practice Sharing Stories of Transformation through Embodied Speaking and Hearing. Discover practical, speaking skills that will inspire your audience and create a greater impact. Refine your skill of deep listening.

8. Experience 4 Levels of Awareness: Sensory/Physical, Psychology/Historical, Mythic/Symbolic, Unitive/Integral. To prepare you to enter into new situations and cultures, you will learn how to reach individuals and groups quickly and easily by knowing how to navigate through the 4 levels of awareness.

9. Be the First to Hear Social Artistry “Best Practices.” In the last decade, we have experienced amazing results with developing Social Artistry Leadership skills within the U.S. and Internationally. You will have a front row seat and be the first to hear the latest “best practices” in Social Artistry, such as 1) ending the spread of AIDS in Nepal, 2) how a little town of less than 2,000 in southern Georgia has become a national model for community and economic development, 3) Social Artistry 101 professional development for educators and much more!

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10. Explore Your Optimal Template (Your Quantum Blueprint). Restore your health and sense of purpose by learning how to tap the pattern of highest health, expression and evolution which surrounds each of us upon which you can call.

11. Expand on Shakespeare's 7 Stages of Man to 9 Stages of Human Beings. Feel more connected to your life purpose and challenges along your journey by exploring Shakespeare’s 7 stages of man as they relate to your life.

12. Study Time & Timing In Depth With The Time-Bending Master: Dr. Jean Houston. From one of the leading experts on “time”, you will learn 1) how to “shift time” in which one minute of clock time can be the equivalent of all the time you need to write a book, compose a song or create whatever you like; 2) expand your use of “time”; and 3) harness the genius of “time” and “timing”.

13. Practice Social Game Changing. Feel more confident knowing how to take any issue or game you would like to change and change it.

14. Discover Natural Ways to Tap Psychedelic Pharmacopeia In Your Body-Mind-Membrane System. You will learn natural ways to produce altered states of consciousness. You will discover cutting-edge, LSD research conducted in the 60s, what we learned from it and how we can apply insights to our lives today.

15. Understand a World Game-Changer By Talking With Arun Gandhi (grandson of Mahatma Gandhi). You’ll be surprised to hear WHAT and HOW his grandfather taught him.

16. Study the 8 Stages of the Mystic Path. Learn another journey of transformation that helps explain the path that many social artists travel. In Jean’s book, Mystical Dogs, she even shows how great dogs are guides and teachers of the stages outlined in Evelyn Underhill in her book on Mysticism.

17. Hear a Never-Before Heard Talk By Dr. Jean Houston on Myth & Archetypes. As mythology expert Joseph Campbell says, “I think that Jean Houston has broken through to a new understanding of the sense and uses of inward-turned contemplation -- an understanding that leaves the Freudian schools of technique and theory far behind.” Don’t miss this ground-breaking talk revealed here for the first and perhaps last time.

18. Study Important Social Artisty Concepts like Trim Tabs and Keystone Species. Buckminster Fuller recognized that we can change things subtly by creating tiny changes that in time would affect huge changes. He called this the “trim tab” factor, named after the little tab on the rudder of a ship or plane. By turning the little trim tab slightly, you cause the big boat or plane to change course. Learn how to apply "trim tabs" and "keystone species" (like "prairie dogs") to your tool kit as a game changer and social artist.

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10 Features Of The SOCIAL ARTISTRY LEADERSHIP Self-Study Course

You, too, can take advantage of these 10 features:

Feature 1 - Get Over 50 Hours of Training with Dr. Jean Houston, Peggy Rubin & Renowned Leaders In Social Transformation

Dr. Jean Houston: Lead Trainer - Jean Houston, Ph.D, is said by Deepak Chopra to be "one of the most important teachers of personal and social change in the world." She is long regarded as one of the principal founders of the Human Potential Movement. She brings her experience as a consultant to the United Nations, advisor to UNICEF, and teacher to leaders around the world to her global work of Social Artistry. Her life has been dedicated to encouraging people all over the world to recognize their own unique talents and visions, and to use them for the betterment of their own lives and those of their communities. Peggy Rubin: Lead Trainer - Margaret Nash (Peggy) Rubin is founding director of the Center for Sacred Theatre in Ashland, Oregon. She has studied extensively with Elaine De Beauport, Ed.D., founder of the Mead Institute, leading teacher of humanistic and behavioral applications of current brain/mind research; and with William Emerson, Ph.D., pioneer in the field of pre- and peri-natal psychology, and its importance in understanding human development. Duane Elgin: Duane Elgin is an internationally recognized speaker, author, and social visionary who looks beneath the surface turbulence of our times to explore the deeper trends that are transforming our world. In 2006, Duane received the International Goi Peace Award in Japan in recognition of his contribution to a global “vision, consciousness, and lifestyle” that fosters a “more sustainable and spiritual culture.” Ozioma Egwuonwu: Ozioma Egwuonwu is a transformational leader, speaker and strategist who uses her inspirational platforms, BurnBright and World Dream Day, to support the evolution of better lives, better businesses, better communities and a better world. Ozioma has spoken at global venues such as the United Nations and delivered inspiring motivational addresses at numerous conferences, including the Grace E. Harris Women’s Leadership Conference, SXSW Interactive Festival, Social Media Week and TEDxBrooklyn. She has also been honored as an innovator on NBC, and made guest appearances on CBS, ABC, FOX and MSNBC. Ozioma is the acting chief operating officer of Rising Women, Rising World an organization dedicated to the creation of a world that works for all based on deep feminine truths. And, Many More Accomplished Game Changers!

Feature 2 - Be One of the First to Experience The New GAME CHANGER Curriculum While Investing in Your CREATIVITY!

Game Changers are highly-attuned visionaries who can see clearly that the old rules are not working.  Institutions around the world are failing to meet their purpose for a number of reasons. Game Changers recognize this and are skilled players in the key moments and places where systemic change can occur. In this curriculum, you will be introduced to a rich variety of skills and processes that will serve you, the Game Changer, and tap the vast well of your human potential and creativity.

Feature 3 - Develop Your Inner Capacities AND Your Leadership & Social Artistry Skills

Study consciousness, time/timing and co-cosmic Social Artistry deeply and intensively with the Founder of Human Development Movement and Pioneer in Social Artistry, Dr. Jean Houston.

Feature 4 - Join Our Private Facebook Group

Post questions and get feedback from peers and your trainers quickly, as you need it.

Feature 5 - Receive Continuing Education (CE) Credits

This training is co-sponsored by Meridian University, an approved provider of continuing education credits. This training qualifies for 36 continuing education credits for the following California licensed health professionals: **MFT’s, LCSW’s, and LPCC’s (CA BBS provider PCE #1391) **RN’s (CA BRN provider CEP #14996)

Feature 6 - Learn Popular Social Artistry DANCES With Step-By-Step Instructions On VIDEO

Watch videos designed to teach you Unitive Dances used by social artists around the world like Funga Alafia, Electric Slide, Step By Step and Enas Mythos. These come with Step-By-Step Instructions you can refer to again-and-again.

Feature 7 - Receive Cutting-Edge Social Artistry Leadership Training Delivered In a Variety of Formats: digital online, digital on flash drive, CDs/manual

1) Digital Format - Online: .m4a's and .pdf of study guide to download immediately 2) Physical Format - Flash Drive: .m4a's and .pdf of study guide are installed onto a Flash Drive with USB and mailed to yoU 3) Physical Format - CDs/Manual: CDs and study guide in a 3-ring binder mailed to an address in the U.S.

Feature 8 - Receive Lifetime Access

Access this amazing self-study course of 36 CDs and 23 videos with Dr. Jean Houston and Peggy Rubin again-and-again.

Feature 9 - Access Over 2 Hours of BONUS Videos & Visual Aids

To reinforce learning from your audios and study guide, receive instant access to 23 videos and visual aids.

Feature 10 - Receive a 89-Page Study Guide Highlighting Key Points

As you listen to audios, simply follow along the timeline with key points highlighted in your own Study Guide to reinforce your learning experience.

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Social Artistry™ stands out from other leadership programs I have taken. There is an emphasis on imagination and creativity that made a powerful difference in my ability to release old ways of being and doing in the world.

Sandie Davis, Vision Mapping Program Designer

This Is What You'll Get When You Buy Your CD Set & Course Today...

This Social Artistry Leadership Self-Study Course includes 10 features...

1. Get Over 50 Hours of Training with Dr. Jean Houston, Peggy Rubin & Renowned Leaders In Social Transformation

2. Be One of the First to Experience the New GAME CHANGER Curriculum While Investing in Your CREATIVITY!

3. Develop Your Inner Capacities AND Your Leadership & Social Artistry Skills

4. Join Our Private Facebook Group

5. Receive Continuing Education (CE) Credits

6. Learn Popular Social Artistry Dances With Step-By-Step Instructions On VIDEO

7. Receive Cutting-Edge Social Artistry Leadership Training Delivered In a Variety of Formats: CD, digital online, digital on flash drive

8. Receive Lifetime Access

9. Receive Over 2 Hours of BONUS Videos & Visual Aids

10. Receive a 76-Page Study Guide Highlighting Key Points

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Gain Lifetime Access to Over 50 Hours of Training with Dr. Houston

CDs 1-2

Change the Game From Within One's Self
Find Five Forces of Whole System Transition
Experience 4 Levels of Awareness: Sensory/Physical, Psychology/Historical, Mythic/Symbolic, Unitive/Integral
Activate Internal Images

CDs 3-4

Share in Inspiration Readings
Enjoy Full-Bodied Speaking with Shakespeare
Enjoy Full-Bodied Listening & Seeing
Tap Your Latent Skills and Qualities
Realize the Ecology of Soul-Driven Living

CDs 5-6

Discover Your Entelechy (Who Holds Deep Plans For You)
Understand the Pattern of Human Emergence.

“The teachings have to be more intense and even more OUTRAGEOUS ... to shock the future rather than have the future shock us.”

CDs 7-8

Acquire Mythical Stories That Transform, Like Ugly Maiden (Dame Ragnelle).
Practice Deep Seeing.
Master How to Unearth Strengths & Staying Power In Seemingly Ugly (Negative) Qualities.

CDs 9-13

Come to Know Secrets of the Head, Heart & Belly Brains.
Practice the 3 Rules of Improv.
Find Your Uniqueness.
Explore Personas You Know About Yourself & Others Reflect Back to You.
Participate in the Genius Experiment.
Develop "Background" Personas That Are Latent.

CDs 14-15

Learn About Quantum Physics.
Play with Leonardo da Vince's Concept of Sfumato (shadows).
Understand the Important Concept of "Perspective".

CDs 16-19

Delve into Your Personal Core Values.
Apply the Hero's Journey Myth to Your Life.
Explore the Heroine's Journey.
Journey Into the Realm of Amplified Power.

CDs 20-25

Learn the Asset-Based Approach to Social Innovation.
Understand the Important Concept of a "Living Universe."
Explore Areas of Reality, Identity and Journey.
Learn About Remote Viewing & Psychokinesis.
Master 4 Stages of Dreaming and Doing: 1) Dream Big, 2) Declare Your Dream, 3) Design and 4) Take Action.

CDs 26-27

Create Your Own Terma.
Understand 1st Axial Age (600 BC) & 2nd Axial Age (today).
Play the Glass Bead Game.

CDs 28-34

Be a Fly-on-the-Wall to the Creation of a Trim Tab Project on-the-spot.
Re-Imagine the Future of Education.
Understand the Rising Women Project.
Enjoy a Lively, Enchanting Presentation of Dr. Rama Mani's Friends' Voices.

CDs 35-36

Meet the Social Artist as Magus using Metamagic.
Apply the Powers of Universal Attraction (Lure of Becoming).
Learn the Great Questions of Growth.

Enjoy Lifetime Access to Dr. Jean Houston Starting Today!

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The inspiration for my 'Feed a Thousand' community garden project in Albany came out of my Social Artistry training. The Social Artistry Alliance of the Southeast, a group of us who have been through the training, meet at least 3 times a year to share our projects and to support each other.

-Juby Phillips, Entrepreneur

One of my favorite parts of the Social Artistry experience is the networking. Meeting new people, building powerful connections and setting intentions are what makes the Social Artistry community so prolific. The genius that exists within each person is sparked into action to create opportunities for projects, travel, collaboration and contribution to a better world.

-Tannur Ali, Poet, Event Planner

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36 CDs/Manual

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36 Audios (.m4a)
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You've Got 3 Course Delivery Options...

Select the Delivery & Payment Option that Works Best For You...

1) DIGITAL ONLINE: .m4a's and searchable .pdf of Study Guide to download immediately ($100/month x 5 months OR 1-time payment of $497)
2) FLASHDRIVE: .m4a's and searchable .pdf of Study Guide are installed onto a USB Flash Drive and mailed to an address in the U.S. ($120/month x 5 months OR 1-time payment of $597)*
3) CDs & MANUAL: 36 CDs and 89-page Study Guide in a 3-ring binder mailed to an address in the U.S. ($130/month x 5 months OR 1-time payment of $697)*

*NOTE: Physical versions are only available within the U.S. They are ordered immediately. Most orders should arrive in 5-8 business days of placing the order. To order a physical version, click one of these links:

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Receive the Ultimate Game Changer Experience with Dr. Jean Houston, Peggy Rubin & Renowned Leaders In Social Transformation! Order Yours Today!

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Your digital format includes instant access to over 50 hours of audios (.m4a), over 2 hours of videos (.mp4) along with a 89-page study guide (.pdf) to download immediately (only $497). Or, click here to pay only $100/month for 5 months.

It was an added bonus to stay connected with many of the people who went through this training with me. We continue to encourage each other and the inner and outer development keeps flowing.

-Dick Dalton, Health and Wellness Trainer