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Now is the time to make a difference. Now is the Jump Time! The Jean Houston Foundation continues to grow and touch more lives each day through its innovative leadership training projects. Exciting projects such as Social Artistry™ in Nepal, Green Justice Prison Project, Social Artistry™ Summer Leadership Institute and Give a Jump Start in Zambia are bringing whole systems change to our global family. New projects in East Africa, India, Bangladesh and the expansion of projects in Nepal are underway. Your support and involvement in any of the following ways will help make these and other projects a reality.

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Those who have attended a Social Artistry event use this email group to share ideas, make connections, and support each others’ “trim tab” projects. Anyone who has attended a Social Artistry event is encouraged to subscribe.

To subscribe to the list, send an email to   Be sure to include your name in the body of the e-mail.  To help prevent spammers, we ask that you identify yourself in terms of your relation to social artistry work. You will receive a subscription confirmation email to which you must reply as directed.

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Offer your skills: writing, editing, interviewing, making phone calls, doing research to support the ongoing work of JHF.

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As our work grows rapidly around the world, we need passionate, courageous individuals to serve on our training teams. If interested, go immediately to our leadership training opportunities. Explore the many ways you too can become a JHF trainer.

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If you have a project in mind or if you already have a project, Social Artistry™ can give you a jump start toward success. Explore our training programs now to determine the right one for you and your project.

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If you don’t have time right now to participate in the Social Artistry™ work but want to keep in touch…

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This is an opportunity for you to contribute to lasting positive change throughout the world for generations to come. Your kindness and generosity will assist in building a world that works for everybody. Click here to make a tax-deductible donation.