Social Artistry™ Centers for Change gather together social artists and their colleagues from complementary disciplines to create a localized network of activity that includes training for Social Artistry™ and may include related disciplines such as Compassionate Listening, Spiral Dynamics, or Sacred Theatre. The network provides support for Social Artistry™ projects that serve global statements of hope and intention such as the Earth Charter and the Millennium Development Goals, locally and globally.

In general the local networks provide opportunities for social artists to gather and support each other. Social Artistry™ Centers for Change nourish and harvest the insights and creativity of the participants. The networks can be a source of project collaboration.

We invite you to join us. Call a center or social artist in your area or email to learn more and to become part of our network.


In Ashland, Oregon, USA, the home of Social Artistry™ and the Jean Houston Foundation, a vibrant community of social artists delivers and participates in training activities, community projects, and related personal services.

Jean Houston, founder of Social Artistry™, leads programs internationally.
Peggy Rubin is Jean’s working partner and founder of Sacred Theatre.
Denise Kester, artist, teaches a variety of workshops where participants tap into their creativity.
Trish Broersma, horsewoman and author of Riding Into Your Mythic Life, offers workshops for human development through the horse/human partnership. She also designs websites and print media for social artists.
Carol Hwoschinsky and Peter Hwosch offer workshops and training in Compassionate Listening as certified trainers in The Compassionate Listening Project. Email:
Hilary Tate offers workshops on Shakespeare and other works of drama.
Elizabeth Austin offers life and career coaching for visionaries and social artists., 541-482-4132
Lisa Nelson coordinates customized Social Artistry™ immersion experiences for individuals and groups. Email:


In Kathmandu, Nepal, the Social Artistry™ Center supports a wide variety of ongoing workshops and the expansion of Social Artistry™ into the training programs of government and NGOs. In partnership with the Institute of Cultural Affairs – Nepal (ICA-Nepal), the Jean Houston Foundation is delivering an extensive training designed to reach 5,000 people by 2015. The International Institute for Social Artistry™ (IISA), through its Robertson Work Fund, has also partnered with ICA-Nepal to provide micro grants for projects that include:

Creating Social Artistry™ curriculum for children in and out of school;
Creating a mini-museum of traditional musical instruments in a remote village;
Assisting women liberated from bonded servitude in developing agricultural skills;
Building greenhouses for year-round produce;
Working with youth who congregate near roadsides to become productive.
For more information contact: Tatwa Timsina at


A group of social artists gathers in southern California to support each other’s development and share information about projects, responding to a growing need for this type of community and its support.  The world situation is accelerating the need for and the growth of many more innovative, self-organizing communities. The following is a list of “agents of change” who have ongoing projects, techniques and support communities that embrace the principles of Social Artistry™ as a body of work that celebrates the interface of science, spirituality and humanity.

For more information about this community and to participate, in the Los Angeles area contact Sally Richman Email: For the area south of Los Angeles, contact Deborah Plummer at (949) 551-3726.

Carol Angell works as a psychotherapist with Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT).
Sophie Bratton does interdisciplinary teaching and consulting and is a word and marketing genius.
Carol Edmonton is an artist and author.
Kim Hix is a filmmaker, production designer, and art director. He works with Green Fire Film, documenting the future.
Grace Lebecka, psychologist and consultant, teaches workshops and seminars on the Sacred Feminine.
Adriana Malaney is founding a salon, creating community across generations and gender differences.
Laura Nickerson is a community organizer.
Deborah Plummer works in nonprofit organizational development. (949) 551-3726
Sally Richman works for social justice and is a community organizer and affordable housing advocate. Email:
Alissa and Clinton Soloman bring Social Artistry™ to real estate.
Uran Snyder does peace prayer work, mudras and mandala workshops and seminars.
Connie Worth teaches workshops in the sacred art of ritual and celebration.


Introduction to and exploration of Social Artistry™ offered in spring and summer workshops and seminars focusing on the foundational concepts of Social Artistry™ and experiential processes. The intention is to provide experience and tools to begin a personal Social Artistry™ journey and work in the world. Contact: Joyce McNamara (907) 360-7822.


Jan Sanders teaches Social Artistry™ programs internationally.  She combines the Social Artistry™ leadership curriculum with development themes including HIV and AIDS, governance, community development and indigenous wisdom. Email:
Richard Sims is developing a planetary citizen curriculum as part of his work in community development. His Social Artistry™ work is implemented in Kenya, Canada and Nepal.
Lorraine McRae uses alternative models for community healing, with community justice and anger management programs.


Individual social artists offering their programs include:

Paul Briggs specializes in audio recording of live events. Dog Ear Productions, LLC. 503-284-6006. Email:
Gerry and Denise Dignan offer music and dance to support Social Artistry™ trainings, fundraisers and events.; (815) 439-3701 Email:
Dawn Kirk’s “Wake Up and Live” radio program in Nashville and online at—awakening the heart and mind through the arts and activism.
Email:; (615) 292-9449 or (615) 445-9594
Marilyn Mosley Gordanier, Founder, Executive Director of Laurel Springs School, premier college prep school for students learning at home; President of the United Nations Global 500 Environmental Forum.
Susan Belchamber offers Integral Coaching to build resilience, and teaches introductory Spiral Dynamics with a Social Artistry™ approach, using “memetic improv.” (301)767-0261