quotesSocial Artistry™ is a new model for leadership that is building leadership capacities for change all over the world. It is at work at all levels of leadership, across cultures and continents, in developed and least developed countries, inspiring and moving people to deepen their individual capacities to create a world that works for everyone. We invite you to join us in contributing to lasting, positive change in our world now and for generations to come.”
–Peggy Dean Executive Director



The mission of The Jean Houston Foundation addresses global need. The Foundation promotes positive social change by developing international communities of leaders in Social Artistry to apply a wide range of cutting edge leadership and human potential development skills for finding innovative solutions to critical local and global issues. The Foundation offers training, research, consultation, leadership, and guidance with the aim to advance individual, social and cultural development both locally and globally. It is a global movement with a goal to reach over 100 million people worldwide with transformational leadership in action in the next ten years.


The key qualities with which we engage:

  • Source all action from deep wisdom & inspired guidance
  • Respect and care for Earth and all of life in its diversity
  • Promote human rights, fundamental freedoms, and social and economic justice
  • Support peace

The Jean Houston Foundation was created as a non-profit leadership training organization, specializing in exploring and applying untapped human capacities in its participants to assist in creating positive change at the local and global level.

Its programs hold a direct focus on whole-systems change and personal empowerment and work directly with and within organizations such as the United Nations and other professional bodies and institutions throughout the world to train 10,000 trainers, ultimately reaching 100 million people in the next ten years.

Read Jean’s thoughts on the new ways of leadership that our times demand.


The Jean Houston Foundation is governed by a Board of Trustees who oversee its mission of implementing Social Artistry trainings and programs throughout the world. Additionally, Dr. Monica Sharma, former Director of Leadership and Capacity Development for the United Nations, serves to guide and orchestrate the mission of the Foundation, its programs and trainings. Elizabeth Zinck Rothenberger, archivist of Jean Houston’s work since 1984, serves as a principal advisor to the Foundation.


Jean Houston, Ph.D., Chairman of the Board, is a scholar, philosopher and researcher in human capacities; one of the principal founders of the Human Potential Movement; a past president of the Association of Humanistic Psychology; and instrumental in the development of the new field of Social Artistry.

Alison May, board of directors Goodwill industries of San Francisco, Marin and San Mateo Counties and King Arthur Flour; former CEO RedEnvelope, Inc. and Esprit de Corp and Gymboree clothing stores; past president Patagonia, Inc. She now dedicates her time to helping companies develop alternative corporate and organizational structures based on values-based leadership.

Diane Powell, M.D., former faculty member at Harvard Medical School; John Hopkins-trained neuroscientist; member of a think tank on consciousness at the Salk Institute; director of research John E. Mack Institute, panelist for the PBS documentary, The Science of Peace, which is still in production; recent author of The ESP Enigma. She currently has a private practice in Medford, OR.


Peggy Dean, MBA, founder of Peak Performance Corp; consultant to Merrill Lynch, Smith Kline Beecham, University of Miami, Charter Medical, Microsoft; headed international cross-cultural project teams with focus on empowering leadership for a healthy shift in large-scale systems in Russia, Turkey and Dominican Republic; trainer of international NGO managers; lead trainer at Coach Academy International and senior VP at M Banks.


Phil Johncock, Consultant; organized the “Game Changers” Social Artistry Leadership Institute 11 in 2016 in which 400 people attended at least one event and 100 people attended all eight days from as far away as Nepal; helps with marketing, fundraising, monetizing, automating systems and product development; designed the Social Artistry Leadership Self-Study Course (Game Changers); Social Artistry Trainer

Lisa Nelson, Events Planner/Communications Coordinator; Senior Social Artistry Trainer; organizes the annual Social Artistry Summit and related events; coordinates the Social Artistry Listserve;  helps develop the organization of the Friends of Social Artistry and the Social Artistry Hub; facilitates the Social Artistry teaching learning community in Ashland, Oregon.

Janet Sanders, International Training Coordinator;  Senior Social Artistry Trainer; key in the development of the leadership training curriculum; mentors new Social Artistry Trainers;  helps develop the Social Artistry HUB; serves on the management team that guides the Social Artistry work in Nepal; instrumental in starting a post-graduate course based on Social Artistry in Aruba.